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Integrative/Functional Medicine Doctor who provides Whole Person physical and emotional pain relief and focuses on your wellness

  • Time tested medical model which has helped thse who have been sick for decades
  • Personalized vitamins that help improve your genetics
  • Laser acupuncture
  • Therapy that treats your nervous system (which runs your body)
  • Releasing negative emtions
  • Innovative detox procedure

Dr. Richard can order labs and treat you with medications as needed if you are a California resident.

5 rocks balancing stacked one on the other in water.

Your initial visit, whether in person or online, is 75 minutes and will be a comprehensive review of your story (thorough exam will be done at the  in person visit). Follow-up visits are available in 30-minute and 45-minute increments. Dr. Richard’s prices are affordable compared to other practitioners with his experience, making his treatment accessible to most people.

Superbills are available upon request for California and Massachusetts residents. Dr. Richard will do what he can to help with reimbursement for visits and labs, but cannot guarantee what your insurance company will do.

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