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“Dr. Chen is a gifted physician – a true healer, getting to root causes rather than just symptoms. I have gone to him for chronic fatigue and surgery guidance and he has given me expert guidance with nutrition, supplements, and emotional release. I have found his work with lasers and magnets to create powerful pain relief within 24 hours. He is generous, kind-hearted, and highly committed to his work. I highly recommend Dr. Chen as a physician.”

– Sam T

“Dr. Richard Chen is the epitome of a healer, what we all desire in our physicians. His strengths include not only his brilliant scientific mind and methodical approach to problem-solving, but also his ability to create a relationship with his patients. He is an active listener, validates his patients’ experiences and follows data from the body to inform the next therapeutic step; he is a true partner in the healing process. Even though he was my doctor for only a year, his words of wisdom that my body is my laboratory still echo in my mind. They helped me to remember that I too am an expert of my own body and they set me on a path to getting myself back.”

– Anastasia G

“My experience with Dr. Chen was a life-changing one. I was suffering from the devastating symptoms of long haul Covid and had been unable to find relief with my primary doctor at Kaiser for over a year. However, Dr. Chen was attentive and listened to my story, and then recommended a course of treatment and supplements that helped me feel better within two weeks. It has been around six months since I started seeing him, and he continues to suggest new supplements and treatments to help me improve my health further. I cannot recommend Dr. Chen enough. He possesses an incredible level of knowledge, and his integrative care approach blends various practices to provide a more extensive range of treatments. Additionally, he is an extremely friendly person, making him an all-around excellent doctor to work with.”

– Michael L