Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed all the time?

Are you struggling with longstanding health issues that seem to have no solution?

I believe that true wellness comes from a holistic approach to health care. That’s why I combine Western medicine, functional medicine, laser medicine, and acupuncture to provide the best possible care to my patients.

With my integrative apprach, you can tap into the power of intuitive guidance and energy medicine, so that you can achieve your maximum health potential.

My personalized and compassionate care goes beyond just treating your symptoms. I am committed to getting to the root of your health issues, understanding your unique circumstances, and helping you restore your health and vitality.

5 rocks balancing stacked one on the other in water.

I help those who are too sensitive react better to the world around them.

Clients who are sensitive to other people’s emotions, chemical smells, cell

phones/computers, sounds/light, and medications.

Let’s work together to create a personalized treatment plan that works for you.

With my expertise and guidance you will:

  Learn how to nourish your body, mind and spirit.

✓  Discover the underlying causes of your health problems and learn how to address them in a holistic way.

✓  Gain the tools and knowledge you need to take control of your health and transform your life.

Don’t wait any longer to start feeling better

Schedule a consultation with me today and let’s take the first step towards restoring your health and vitality.

An Experienced Practitioner You Can Trust

Dr. Richard Chen

As a top graduate of my medical school class, I have spent over 30 years honing my skills as a practitioner of Western medicine, functional medicine, integrative medicine, and acupuncture. I have developed a passion for using food as medicine and have extensive knowledge of genetics, biochemistry, emotions, and physiology.

My patients benefit from my compassionate and cost-effective approach to care, as well as my commitment to offering personalized and holistic solutions.

Whether you are struggling with too sensitive to other people, chemicals, or environment;  or other complex medical conditions, I am dedicated to helping you achieve your maximum health potential.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Looking to take the first step towards beeter health? I offer a free consultation to all new patients.

During this consultation, we can discuss your health concerns, go over your medical history, and determine if my approach to care is the right fit for you.

Whether you’re struggling with being too sensitive to other people, chemicals, or environment;  or other complex medical conditions, I’m here to help.

With my holistic approach to healthcare, I can tap into the power of Western medicine, functional medicine, and integrative medicine to provide personalized and compassionate care that goes beyond just treating our symptoms.

Don’t wait any longer to take control of your health. Schedule your free consultation today and let’s work together to restore your health and vitality.

Woman sitting at a table doing a telehealth video with her doctor

Don’t wait any longer to take control of your health.
Schedule your free consultation today and let’s work together to restor your health and vitality.


As a holistic practitioner, I offer a range of services to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. I combine Western medicine, functional medicine, and advanced techniques to provide the best possible care to my patients.

I specialize in helping individuals who have complex medical conditions that have not improved despite seeing multiple practitioners.

These are my specialties:

1. Sensitive Clients

Some people are born sensitive and some become sensitive after an event such as an infection, chemical exposure, or exposure to a bad home/workplace.

  • Feel really good in nature?
  • Happy around people you like?
  • Feel worse around negative people?
  • Don’t feel well in department stores?
  • React poorly to chemical smells such as at supermarket laundry aisle, gasoline station, or perfume counter?

    Clients who are too sensitive after decades of being sick  have gotten better under my care.



    2. Clients who are still sick despite seeing many doctors/naturopaths

    • you don’t fit a specific disease but you know you are not feeling well despite what the normal lab tests say
    • Get medication side effects which are rare
    • may be sensitive to how the people around them feel
    • may be sensitive to the computers/cellphones/wifi around them
    • try different treatments but they don’t last or work

    3. PAIN!

    Treatments that can help pain that most people are not aware of:

    • Neural therapy – using lasers or injectable procaine to treat the nervous system. It treats the nerves at the skin level to make  inside pain get better and perhaps go away. This therapy has helped people who have not done well with steroid pain injections.
    • Scar therapy – injecting scars to make them less painful. This is not a numbing medication, it makes the scar tissue be more normal so it doesn’t cause pain.
    • Prolozone – using ozone to help joints and tendons improve


    “Dr. Chen is a gifted physician – a true healer, getting to root causes rather than just symptoms. I have gone to him for chronic fatigue and surgery guidance and he has given me expert guidance with nutrition, supplements, and emotional release. I have found his work with lasers and magnets to create powerful pain relief within 24 hours. He is generous, kind-hearted, and highly committed to his work. I highly recommend Dr. Chen as a physician.”

    – Sam T

    “Dr. Richard Chen is the epitome of a healer, what we all desire in our physicians. His strengths include not only his brilliant scientific mind and methodical approach to problem-solving, but also his ability to create relationship with his patients. he is an active listener, validates his patients’ experience and follows data from the body to inform the next therapeutic step; he is a true partner in the healing process. Even though he was my doctor for only a year, his words of wisdom that my body is my laboratory still echo in my mind. They helped me to remember that I too am an expert of my own body and they set me on a path to getting myself back.”

    – Anastasia Galanopoulos

    “My experience with Dr. Chen was a life-changing one. I was suffering from the devasting symptoms of long haul Ovid and had been unable to find relief with my primary doctor at Kaiser for over a year. However, Dr. Chen was attentive and listened to my story, and then recommended a course of treatment and supplements that helped me feel better within two weeks. It has been around six months since I started seeing him, and he continues to suggest new supplements and treatments to help me improve my health further. I cannot recommend Dr. Chen enough. He possesses and incredible level of knowledge, and his integrative care approach blends carious practices to provide a more extensive range of treatments. Additionally, he is an extremely friendly person, making him an all-around excellent doctor to work with.”

    – Michael Levalley