Neural Therapy – an Advanced Pain Treatment

People want choices in how they can treat their pain. People can take medications but there are risks, they can get dependent on the meds or even addicted to them. Surgery is a possibility but it involves going to the hospital and getting operated upon. There is another choice which is not well known which does not involve medications and does not involve surgery. That is Neural therapy.

Neural therapy is treating the nervous system which is where pain is felt. When surgery is done to help a painful condition and it does not help or makes it worse, neural therapy is a possibility which can help. I treated a patient who had knee pain which worsened after knee surgery. When neural therapy was done on him, the knee pain improved.

Innovative Pain Management Solution

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When a person has surgeries, the body is opened up and has to heal. The body heals but the nervous system which is connected to the body sometimes does not heal. So at the surgical site, it is like an electrical wire without the covering. It sends off the wrong signal which is not a good thing. This can happen at sites where people have had surgeries, teeth removed, root canals, dental procedures, and places where there are scars. To be done well, neural therapy should treat all the areas that have been injured in a person’s lifetime.

The classic treatment of neural therapy involves using injections of an anesthetic to let the nervous system heal. There are other ways of doing neural therapy which do not involve injections. Neural therapy may have to be done several times for the results to be permanent.

Neural therapy can be helpful for pain but it is treating the nervous system. The nervous system is in charge of everything so any symptom which is not improving should be looked at to see if neural therapy can be helpful.

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