I have been trying to avoid blogging about Covid as it is all we deal with these days but I came upon an important realization after I saw a patient with long Covid recently who, after he got Covid, had issues with short term memory and couldn’t multitask anymore(he apparently is one of the few guys who can multitask). And that fact is Covid affects people’s energy.

But why does that happen? The CDC website states that people with covid have fever/chills, cough, but it also mentions they have fatigue and muscle/body aches.

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What do those symptoms suggest? They relate to energy and mitochondria! Covid has a spike protein which binds to ACE2 receptor which impairs it so that the ACE2 enzyme does not work based on a great article by Dr. Galland on Covid ACE2 regulates the mitochondria so with a covid infection there’s less ACE2 receptors, less ACE2 enzyme, and more non-working mitochondria. Also, covid is inflammatory which cranks up the mitochondria which creates more inflammation which damages the mitochondria. So when people talk about brain fog after Covid, it’s because their mitochondria are not working. The brain is about 2% of body weight but uses 20% of glucose-derived energy so if the body has less energy because the mitochondria aren’t working – the brain is going to feel that.

What can be done about that? Coq10 can be used to help the mitochondria as it helps the electron transport chain which is part of the mitochondria. Fasting can also be helpful for mitochondria as it prunes off the non-functioning mitochondria. There are other approaches that can be helpful – check with your healthcare provider who knows about supplements.

What happens when a person who has health issues gets Covid? They already have preexisting diseases which most likely affects the mitochondria and then they get Covid which further makes the mitochondria worse. Usually a person gets really sick at some point in their life from a triggering event and unfortunately Covid can be that trigger. Then Covid and all the other health issues (part of the Wheel of Health) need to be taken care of based on what the body is dealing with.

So if your friend gets Covid and doesn’t feel well afterwards, think about mitochondria. And if they are not getting better despite time and what they are doing, I am available for appointments (either online or in person upon request)

If you’re an existing patient, you can contact me via the Charm portal.

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