Why Am I not Getting Healthier Despite All I’m Doing?

I recently attended a Neural therapy conference with Dr. Jeff Harris, ND www.jeffharrisnd.com which was great. He has been doing neural therapy for 30 years which is a long time. I’ve written about neural therapy in the past so feel free to check out that post to learn more about it.

Dr. Harris worked with Dr. Klinghardt for many years and passed along a model of health that explains why people are not getting healthier despite all they are doing.

The first level which is at the base of the pyramid is the “physical body”. This is a foundational level and the level that most of us try to work on with our supplements, our food choices, our exercises, and our detoxifying lifestyle. It is good to work on this level as it is the base of our pyramid but it is not our only level.

Pyramid with people riding horses next to it.

The second level which is above the first level is the “energy body”. This includes the electric and magnetic fields from our nervous system as well as the biophotons from our cells. This level is very important as it regulates our body functions. Work at this level AFFECTS the lower level of the physical body. Acupuncture and neural therapy both work at this level. Dr. Klinghardt says that neural therapy is more effective. It appears to me that neural therapy is a modern update to acupuncture which may be why the results happen so quickly. I use both neural therapy and acupuncture (usually with lasers) so I believe they are complementary to each other.

I use neural therapy on all my patients these days and now I have an explanation why. We need to treat at a different level than what’s been done previously. A complicated patient (and aren’t we all complicated) asked me why I would choose to do neural therapy on her when she had so many health issues going on. I didn’t have a good answer for her then but now my answer would be “Neural therapy treats health at a higher level than what you have done previously.” The energy body encompasses the nervous system and the nervous system which includes the brain is what regulates our body.

Issues that happen to our physical body also affect the energetic body so neural therapy needs to be done periodically, based on the person and what is going on with their life.

If you would want a neural therapist to check you out, check out www.naant.org (North American Academy of Neural Therapy). Dr. Jeff Harris, ND is currently the president of the organization and I am the secretary of the organization.

If you’re an existing patient, you can contact me via the Charm portal.

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