Identifying the Right Supplements for your Needs

Recently I had a client who was seeing me for dizziness which had been going on for a year and was bothering her. She did not want to take too many supplements as she was diabetic and taking medications already so she limited me to just one supplement that I could recommend.

I put her on one supplement and when I saw her on follow-up at the next visit a month later, she had no further problems with dizziness!

Getting treated with supplements by an integrative medicine doctor is not about the number of supplements given at one time.

Woman in blue jeans and a sweater holding a glass of water and a pill
The body deals with issues 1 or 2 at a time thus the body doesn’t multitask well.

Having the human body try to deal with more than two issues at a time is like me navigating on a highway and talking – it doesn’t end well. The important thing about supplements is taking the right supplement or supplements, not about how many to take.

Sensitivity to the Environment

The client with dizziness had an issue with being sensitive to the environment. She was sensitive to chemicals and I picked up on that when I examined her. I put her on a supplement which increased her ability to deal with the chemicals that are all around us in the world. With that one supplement, her ability to deal with the environment improved and her dizziness went away.

Are you sensitive to the environment? People who are sensitive to the environment and the chemicals in it are usually sensitive to smells.

They are more aware of smells than people around them. They may like or dislike the smell of gasoline and perfumes. Having a strong like or dislike of a smell means that the smell of the chemical affects the person. And if smells affect the person, then that genetic weakness of the body can be helped with the right supplement(s).

The Benefits of Taking Supplements

If you are sensitive to smells and it’s getting worse, then please know that something can be done for that. There are supplements that can improve your body’s ability to handle chemicals.

You may have other health issues as well but taking a lot of supplements is not the answer. More supplements is not merrier. It is about prioritizing the health issues and taking the appropriate supplements for the health issues. And hopefully the number of supplements will not be too many!

Thank you for joining me in exploring my philosophy about supplements. I hope that you found this info helpful, and wish you the best on your journey towards optimal mental and physical health.

Are you unsure which supplements are right for your health issues? I’m here to help! Schedule a consultation with me and get personalized advice on choosing the correct supplements for your needs. Take control of your health today and start your journey towards optimal mental and physical health.

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Dr. Richard Chen

To your health!

Dr. Richard Chen
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