Understanding Toxic Load and Its Impact on Health

Do you remember the phrase “You are what you eat”? I always thought that was funny because I didn’t want to be considered a rice ball or a jelly donut. But seriously, what we eat affects us.

The quality of the foods affects our gut which affects us and the quantity affects how long we live. The less we eat, the longer we live. A sad but true fact to us foodies – although I wouldn’t recommend the idea of not eating at all – that would not extend your life.

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Making Informed Food Choices to Reduce Your Toxic Load

I am reminded of quite a few of my patients who were not doing well with their health issues and then they decided to change their diet. They went organic, went gluten/dairy free, or went paleo.

Their health issues which could have been abdominal pain, diarrhea, or just not feeling well usually got better with the food change. That may be because of food intolerances or of chemicals in the food which they were no longer being exposed to.

When a person eats organic, they are not eating the pesticides that’s used in our agriculture. The pesticides which are meant to kill insects kill off some of our gut bacteria (who number ten times more than human cells) which lowers their ability to make vitamins and help our immune system as well.

Eating Organic:
Is It Worth the Investment?

I would recommend that people eat organic foods if at all possible. Sometimes the cost of organic foods is higher than we would like. In that case, I would recommend eating produce that is low in pesticides. Environmental Working Group publishes a guide annually on which produce is highest in pesticides and also a list of which are lowest in pesticides. I would recommend eating conventionally grown low pesticide produce if organic produce is not possible.

Thank you for joining me in the discussion of the quality of our foods. I hope that you found this info helpful, and wish you the best on your journey towards optimal mental and physical health.

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