Introduction to Dry Fasting

I learned about dry fasting from a patient of mine – Chris K and it has been revolutionary. Thanks very much – Chris! I had never heard of dry fasting before talking to him and it broke one of the cardinal rules I learned in medical school. I had always learned that the body could do without food for months as long as they had access to water but that if you do not drink water, you would not survive for days.

Dry fasting is not eating food and not taking water by mouth! And I did it for THREE days the first time I tried it. Why did I do it? I had just gotten back a blood test telling me that my sugars were not as good as they should be.

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I had adjusted my supplements to improve the sugars and they were better. But they were still high and my abdominal fat was staring me in the face. The abdominal fat, especially in Asians, is a cause for insulin resistance which doesn’t make my insulin work well which increases my sugars.

Benefits of Dry Fasting

I may be patient in many things but I am not patient for results. One of the benefits of dry fasting is that on the third day of fasting onwards, fat is lost. On the first two days of a dry fast, only water weight is lost. Other benefits to dry fasting include that adult stem cells are activated. Dry fasting for 7 days wakes up all the adult stem cells. William Shatner got stem cells intravenously to keep himself young but unfortunately intravenous stem cell therapy is not inexpensive. Dry fasting is inexpensive as you are not eating food but it should be done under medical supervision. You can do the same thing as Mr. Shatner but without the expense and at home.

Dry fasting is about not eating food but it is about getting water intake – just not by drinking it. It is recommended to take a cool shower morning and night to get water thru the skin. Splashing water on the face without drinking the water was how I got water on my skin throughout the day as well. There are protocols on how to break the fast well, you do not want to break the fast with sugary foods as you want to take it easy on the body and make the transition back to food good.

The first thing I noticed after doing the dry fast was that the belly fat had shrunk. I have a little bit of a belly (especially from the side) and it seemed that I could see my legs better looking down 🙂 My wife noticed it and even better my pants seemed a little bit looser. So my belly fat had decreased – I’m looking forward to my next sugar test and see how it is doing.

Re-Activate Your Adrenals Through Dry Fasting

For the last 11 years since my case of food poisoning which set off my health issues, my adrenals have always not been their best. I have known that based on blood tests and how I feel. What was interesting was that after I did the 3 day dry fast, my energy was better. People were commenting on how I looked that day. And when I checked my pulses to check my adrenals with Chinese medicine, I felt that the adrenals were back to normal after 11 years of okay adrenals.

Embrace the Benefits of Fasting For Better Health and Well-Being

Fasting is powerful but dry fasting may be too much for some people. Intermittent fasting may be an easier way to fast – there are periods of fasting occurring between periods of normal eating. For example, people may fast just from dinner time to lunch time daily and skip breakfast. You still get the benefits of fasting – improved sugar control, decreased inflammation, and improved brain function (

Thank you for joining me in exploring fasting. I hope that you found this info helpful, and wish you the best on your journey towards optimal mental and physical health.

Disclaimer: I would not recommend doing this unless you have seen a doctor recently, know your health condition, and how it would affect you.

If you are looking for more support and how to put fasting into your life, I would be happy to help you with integrative medical services that can help you toward more wellness.

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