Smell Sensitivity may be Chemical Sensitivity

One of the issues that I see in my patients who have been sick for a while is that they have an increased sense of smell. People ask me what I mean by an increased sense of smell. Most people are aware of smells around them but some are more aware than others. The scent of gasoline when gassing up the gas is intolerable to them or strong perfume smells make them sick. Interestingly, the opposite is also true. People who like the smell of gasoline are also more sensitive to smells. An average person when exposed to the smell of gasoline doesn’t care much about the smell but someone who is supersensitive to gasoline can EITHER HATE or LOVE the smell of gasoline.
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People who are more sensitive to smells are low in Glutathione based on A person low in glutathione has problems dealing with certain chemicals which is why they are more sensitive to it. The chemicals don’t get processed in the body so the person is more aware of it. People who live near industrial factories or farms which use pesticides who are low in glutathione are at hi risk for accumulating a lot of chemicals in their body. Unfortunately if chemicals are using up a person’s glutathione, there’s less glutathione to help the immune system which is another major role that glutathione does in the body. So a person who’s smell sensitive and exposed to a lot of chemicals in their life may have more infections.

What kind of infections can a person have? They can have viral infections, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (otherwise known as SIBO), Lyme disease, or other tickborne infections. I help people make glutathione based on their genetics so that their body can make it and be in charge of the production. I also help people get rid of their chemicals in their body using energetic principles which is faster than medical or herbal means. Contact me here to make a complimentary 30 min intro appointment if you are smell sensitive and have health issues.

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