Are Other People’s Emotions Affecting Me Too Much?

Happy Valentine’s Day to Everyone! I hope that you can feel the happiness coming from the above lady releasing her red balloons in a heart shape pattern! We can’t get enough of being around people who are happy which makes us joyful as well:)

Unfortunately sometimes we are around people who are just plain negative and bring down the energy of the room. We can decrease our time around them and also be aware of how sensitive we are to the emotional energy of others. A lot of the patients I see are emotionally sensitive. They are also electromagnetic hypersensitive(EHS) as well – either to electric fields, magnetic fields, or radiofrequency fields (cell phone or wifi).

A girl looking at 3 red balloons above her head as she walks on trail with the mountains behind her.

That makes sense to me as emotions are energies. If a person is sensitive to emotional energy then there is a high chance that they have EHS as well. So if you are sensitive to other people’s emotions and have symptoms that are unexplainable to yourself such as ringing in the ears, headaches, dizziness, painful areas of the skin, or tiredness; think of where you are when you have those symptoms.

Are you next to light bulbs (CFL and LED bulbs affect EHS people), appliances such as microwaves or computers , or in a big department store as opposed to nature where you feel great?

As a person gets sicker – either emotionally or physically, they get more energy sensitive; they are more bothered by other people’s negative emotions as well as to all the electromagnetic fields that are bathing our world these days. This makes sense based on the Wheel of Health model. So if you are feeling more sensitive to other people’s emotions and/or EMF and want help with that, please consider making an appointment.

An emotional healing program can be created for you which is personalized.  The whole approach is an emotional healing tool. 


If you’re an existing patient, you can contact me via the Charm portal.

Dr. Richard Chen

To your health!

Dr. Richard Chen
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