Understanding Emotional Health Issues

Today I’d like to continue the series on emotional health that I started a couple blogs ago. Emotions can be either positive or negative. When emotions are negative, they will have ill effects on our health.

Emotions happen from our interactions with the world, they can happen based on circumstances but they can also occur because of family history and genetics.

Mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, ADD, and mood swings usually are treated with medications but there are other options.

Medications can help but can affect the body in ways that we don’t want and can be costly in the long term. I learned protocols from Dr. Walsh on how to treat mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, ADD, and mood swings with vitamins.

A table full of different supplements separated in tiny bowls.

I saw a young lady who was having panic attacks 5-6 times weekly. The anxiety got worse when she started driving and also worsened after she was physically assaulted. I saw her a month after she got assaulted and within 1 month of getting started on vitamins, her anxiety improved and within three months her anxiety was a lot better and she was starting to go down on her psychiatric medications.

She went from having panic attacks Five – Six times weekly to feeling pretty well. Her anxiety before was affecting her daily life and now she felt pretty well adjusted. She had issues with low serotonin which made her less content, more anxious, looking for sweet foods , and not doing well with gray weather days. She was placed on several supplements which she tolerated well and was on the process of lowering her psychiatric medications.

She also had pyrroles which is a health issue which causes mood swings, made her very dramatic, and decreased her morning appetite. With a couple of supplements, she went from being very dramatic like a roller coaster to being more calmer like rolling hills.

Vitamin Protocols for Mental Health Problems

Please know that there are vitamin protocols to help mood issues such as depression, anxiety, mood swings, and ADD.

Not all mood issues can be treated with vitamins as they may also be a reaction to a life experience, may be caused by infections or environmental chemicals , or perhaps related to trapped emotions as discussed in a previous blog.

If a person has mood issues and family members have similar issues, it’s a strong possibility that the mood issues are genetic and can either be helped by the Walsh protocol or by looking at the genetics.

Mood issues can be addressed in other ways than just medications and counseling. There are different ways of dealing with emotional issues and the approach with vitamins works and can also be gentler on the mind and body. The vitamin approach can work in a matter of weeks and needs to be continued usually as it is fixing the chemical imbalances in the body.

Taking Control of Your Mental Health with Integrative Medicine

Thank you for joining me in exploring how to treat emotional health with vitamins. I hope that you found this info helpful, and wish you the best on your journey towards optimal mental and physical health.

If you are looking for more support, I would be happy to help you with integrative medical services that can help you toward more wellness.

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