How to Treat COVID Long Haul with Integrative Medicine

We all have been dealing with Covid since March 2020. The United States has had 45.7 million Covid cases (based on The Mayo clinic states that 10-30% of their covid patients have symptoms 1 year out from their infection. That means they have long Covid (or post Covid syndrome). So at the minimum around 4.57 million people may have post Covid syndrome. That’s a lot of people! There are different approaches to treating post Covid. Many academic medical centers have started multidisciplinary clinics with specialists in lung, mind, critical care, and the nervous system. That is great but Integrative Medicine has a lot to offer post Covid patients. After my 10+ years in integrative medicine I have thoughts on what is happening in a person with Covid.
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People who get Covid are undergoing an infection which stresses their body system. Even if they were healthy before, there may have been underlying issues which didn’t bother them but will get magnified when they get Covid.

Mild anxiety/depression may get worse, people who are sensitive to the smells of gasoline or perfume may have increasing sensitivity to the environment, and people with multiple health issues of Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, or autoimmune diseases may get tired. Fatigue is a common symptom of post Covid and that happens I believe because the mitochondria which are the powerhouse of the body gets affected (see A New Way to Health ). When the mitochondria don’t work, the body has no energy – the person feels tired and they can’t even think.

The treatment of the person with Covid depends on the person being treated. Every person has their unique health issues which gets worsened by being infected with Covid. Those health issues need to be treated in order for the person to get better. There is an order of treatment based on what the body is dealing with. Watering a tree has to happen before getting the fruit. When a treatment protocol partners with the body the results are better and faster

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