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Today I’d like to discuss how emotional health is intertwined with physical health. We think emotions are just feelings and do not affect us physically but it affects the body strongly. In this first post of a series , we will discuss how our emotions can have a direct impact on our physical health and what we can do to get our emotional health balanced. When it comes to taking care of ourselves, many of us are unaware of the powerful connection between our emotions and our physical health. We may think that being depressed or anxious is just something we have to deal with, but the truth is that these emotions negatively influence our physical health. We may experience tiredness, trouble sleeping, gut issues, or other issues; all of which can be caused by continued emotional stress.
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The Benefits of Releasing Trapped Emotions

I think of how emotions affected a recent patient of mine who is very aware of other’s emotions – she considers herself an empath. She had been sick for decades with issues of tick borne infections, mold toxicity, chemical sensitivity, and weight gain. It was found that she had several trapped emotions in her system including some that were inherited. Those emotions were cleared using the Emotion Code protocol. 2 days later she felt that her body was more present. A couple weeks later, she noticed that her body was detoxing really well and that her lower belly had gone down by 3 inches!! The Emotion code is a protocol developed by Bradley Nelson, D.C. which helps deal with trapped emotions. Everyone has emotions and when emotions gets trapped in our body, it affects the health of our body. Emotions can get trapped at different times in our lives and can be in different parts of the body. I find that sometimes the trapped emotions are the reason why a person is weak in a certain part of their body. The Emotion Code protocol is a simple process involving magnets, intention, and Chinese Medicine which has deep results. Another client of mine was staying at her childhood home which had mold for her father’s funeral, dealing with her abusive sister, while dealing with a chronic illness. She saw me before the funeral where I cleared several trapped emotions which improved her nervous system enough that I was better able to decrease the chemicals in her system. She told me that she did way better than expected concerning the emotional and physical (mold) stressors she had in the last week.

A Few Tips for Taking Care of Your Meotional Health:

• Get the support of friends or family when you are not doing well emotionally, it helps you feel better and may help you figure out how to get out of the situation

• Deal with the foundational items of sleep and exercise. You need time to recover nightly and exercise (if you’re able) will help you feel better.

• Vitamins and herbs can be used to help people improve their stress, depression, anxiety, and attention issues.

• Deal with trapped emotions by seeing a provider who does the Emotion Code protocol

The Connection Between Emotional & Physical Health

It is clear that our emotional health has an immense impact on our physical health. The connection between emotional and physical health is undeniable. Positive emotions such as happiness, joy, and contentment help keep our body strong. Whereas, stress, sadness, anger, and other negative emotions will weaken the adrenals and create physical symptoms such as headaches, stomachaches, and other issues. It is vital to recognize the connection between our emotional and physical health. Thanks for reading, and I hope you find this information useful! Thank you for joining me in exploring how emotional health can impact your physical wellbeing. I hope that you found this info helpful, and wish you the best on your journey towards optimal mental and physical health. If you are looking for more support, I would be happy to help you with integrative medical services that can help you toward more wellness. Best of Health to you!

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