Covid Facts

Covid is still here for the near future so we should know more about it. We know that it affects the lungs and  is not easily transmitted from kids to adults.

Most people who get covid do well but the current numbers say 6% of people who had covid  remain sick even after the covid should have gone.

It is not well known but blood and its circulation can be a big health issue for people with Covid. Let’s read about an example below.

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Case of Man with Unknown Illness

This mid 30 year old man had been sick for 4 years.  He started getting sick March 2020 when he had chest pressure then he had diarrhea for several years.

He developed ringing of the ears which got worse when he was tired. He was working hard with 16 hour workdays for weeks at a time. His energy started going down. 

If he was involved in a conversation where he had to listen, it would tire him.  If he was on the computer for longer than half an hour, it would be too much for him. 

He tried a natural blood thinner and that helped improve his symptoms 70%.  He had a Covid test once in his illness course and it was negative so covid was never thought of after that test. 

Covid causes Blood Vessel and Gut Issues

When I saw this gentleman, I immediately thought that he had long Covid.  The fact that he took a natural blood thinner with good results made me think that his blood vessels were a big issue.  And Covid is associated with blood issues. 

Why is that?  Covid gets in thru a specific receptor called ACE2.  That is located in the blood vessel lining so a covid infection creates inflammation in the blood vessel walls.  And since Covid creates inflammation , there is also more chance of clots happening in the blood circulation.  So Covid creates blood problems thru several ways.

Another interesting thing about the gentleman is that he had diarrhea for several years.  In covid, about 10% get diarrhea which is usually only several days.  But if he has a story that suggests covid because of the blood issue, the diarrhea further emphasizes that covid may be an issue.

So now you know that Covid affects the blood vessels and it can affect the gut.  If it can affect the blood vessels, it can affect anything from brain causing brain fog to low energy as low circulation means low oxygen meaning the body can’t use oxygen to fuel itself.

If someone you know has an infection and then afterwards has either brain fog, is tired, they may have Covid.  Consider seeing someone who has had experience with treating Long Covid.  I have had  experience with Long Covid and would be glad to offer my assistance and knowledge. 

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