Supplements Weren’t Helping the Sugars

I have been struggling with sugars for the last year.

I added supplements and was good with lowering my starch and sugar intake for the first couple of months which led to a really good drop in my sugars. 

But then I got greedy for sweets so I started adding back starches and sweets into my diet along with the supplements. 

That did not go well for the sugars.

meats and vegetables

Dietary Changes for Sugars

After a year of hoping that the sugars would get better on different regimens of supplements, I slowly came to the realization that I had to change my eating habits or my sugars would not improve.

I’m a lover of books so I researched what books discussed food treatment of high sugars. I found an interesting book which was on its 4th edition and had its first printing in 1997.  How could I go wrong with a medical  book on its 4th edition?  

The book’s author, Dr. Bernstein,  is an engineer who developed type 1 Diabetes Mellitus as a 12 year old. He was an engineer when he developed his low carb way of treating sugars.  Since he was an engineer he was very scientific in figuring out what foods affected his sugars. 

He developed his low carb diet which worked very well.  Unfortunately he wasn’t a doctor so he wasn’t listened to.  So he became a Doctor and even specialized in Diabetes so that he could talk about sugars with some authority.

The diet plan is very rigorous which includes no carbohydrates of any kind.  There is no processed foods, no sugar,  no breads, pasta, noodles, or even fruits including tomatoes.

I have been on the diet for a little over a week and it has its ups and downs.  Seeing the foods that others eat that I am not able to eat is not easy to swallow (pun intended).

However, seeing the blood sugar go lower than I expected drives me onward.  I have always been a snacker of sweets but that has changed.

Based on my experience on the low carb diet, I would recommend that people with sugar problems go on a low carb diet. 

I was browsing through Dr. Jason Fung’s Diabetes Code which also discusses a low carb diet for Diabetes  and I realize his low carb diet is not as restrictive as Dr. Bernstein’s.  

Strategy to Make Eating Low Carb Easier

So if you want to be really restrictive, go for Dr. Bernstein’s diet.  If you don’t want to limit your choices so much, go for the Diabetes Code. It’s do-able. 

Knowing how people think, I would recommend doing Dr. Bernstein’s diet and see how it goes.  You will see the results on the restrictive diet.  Then when you go on Dr. Fung’s  Diabetes Code his low carb diet will seem to be very freeing which will make it easy to continue:)


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