Is Walking Worse Part of Aging?

I had an interesting conversation over Thanksgiving dinner.  A friend was listening to me talk of how I helped someone with unsteadiness on her feet get better based on a procedure I did for her. 

He told me he thought unsteadiness while walking was a normal part of getting older.  That some issues  are just meant to be. 

Some things are meant to be but some things are not meant to be. Let’s find out about this person who had her walking problems improved.

Kristina Maria

She is a 87 year old lady whose life has not been the same since the death of her husband several years ago. She had been married to him for so many years and now he was gone.

She used to exercise but now she doesn’t do that now.  She has not gotten used to life as a widow.  In the last month she has been staying upstairs because walking down the stairs is scary.  She has to hold onto the stair railings and ask for assistance from others because of fear of falling. 

When she saw me I checked her balance and realized that her balance was off based on some physical testing.

I used a technique which I had invented on her which lessened the mercury from her body.  A week later  she was walking more steady and physical testing showed better balance. 

What can you learn from the above? I’ll tell you what you can learn from her experience. 

Watch the quality of fish you eat.  In getting her story she had told me that she had been eating fish daily for months.  And the fish was ordered from restaurants that were concerned about cost not quality.

If a fish is of questionable quality – either being farmed or a large size fish then that can affect a person’s health. Eat small fish such as sardines.  But I understand that one can not eat sardines forever- so eat fish that are smaller and not farmed.

If someone you know is having issues with imbalance, it may be because of what they eat or maybe it’s a nerve problem with their feet. 

There are different causes for every health issue.  See your primary care doctor or I am available as well to figure things out. 

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