What is this? Another blog on lowering blood sugars.  Yes it is and here’s why it’s important to all people.  Not just those with sugar issues.

vegetables before protein for good sugars

Sugars Affect Brain Health 

Problems with sugar metabolism negatively affect a part of the brain called the hippocampus. It is the part of the brain which is involved in creating recent memories.   The higher the sugar the more there are problems of the hippocampus. 

Where there are problems of the hippocampus, there is a problem with thinking and memory. So we all should be concerned about lowering our sugars.

The Why of Eating to Lower Sugars

One way of lowering the sugars is to change how you eat.  Changing the order of how you eat foods can lower the sugars.  Eating veggies first followed by meats/fish then  followed by carbs such as pasta/rice will create a lower sugar level than eating the foods in a different order.

The food order works because the fiber in the vegetables slows down the absorption of the food.  The protein also creates a buffer so that the carbs can be absorbed more slowly.  This will create a lower blood sugar level.

So eating the foods you already eat but just in a different order can improve your sugars. 

Eating Recommendations to Lower Sugars

So have a nice salad before the meal, then have some protein such as meats, fish, or those who prefer vegetables (beans, tofu, and nuts).  Then finish it off with some carbohydrates such as breads, pasta, or rice.  But I would recommend not too much carbs if possible.

Eating is something that can be quite enjoyable.  Let’s help eating be healthy by what we eat and how we eat!

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