Chemical Sensitivity Treatment


What’s the best way to treat the problem of too much chemicals on our bodies?

Common ways are infrared sauna, chelating medications, and healing foods. I developed a way which I believe is a pretty good alternative but I may be biased 🙂

Let’s read about a client who underwent such a treatment.

Case of Chemical Sensitivity Treatment

“The mid 60’s lady has had medical issues most of her life.  She was on antibiotics for 10 years in her teens for acne. She hurt her head as a child. She had multiple dead areas in her mouth which are still a problem. 

She has reactions with dairy, gluten, and corn. She broke off an abusive relationship then got exposed to leaking gasoline from a car which made her bedridden for six years.

She developed chemical sensitivity including an increased awareness of gasoline smells after that. She has seen multiple providers over the decades and had methods to decrease the chemicals in her body. 

When I saw her, I detoxed her using the laser detox method I developed. She exclaimed  that the laser detox worked quickly and very well without a huge amount of detox symptoms compared to other methods she had done before in her previous decades of life.  She felt the “peace of being out of fight or flight … for some time which was great.”

People who need Detox

The laser detox method I developed is based on the work of Dr. Lee Cowden. It is used to decrease the chemicals in our body.  And that is an issue because the world around us is full of chemicals.

The clients who are affected more by the environmental chemicals are those who are aware of chemical smells more. They may be negatively affected by a smell such as  gasoline or they may enjoy the smell. Either way they are affected by the smell.  Those not sensitive to chemicals are not really affected by the chemical smell.

Who Needs Detox?

People who may benefit from laser detox are those who wish chemical sensitivity treatment.  They may be

  • very aware of chemicals
  • can’t tolerate perfumes 
  • going down the supermarket laundry aisle.  have environmental allergies
  • have food intolerances.

Chemicals in the body affect the immune system so that allergies or intolerances happen.

If you have allergies that are bothering you too much or exposure to chemicals makes you react,  you may be a candidate for laser detox. I have used this procedure over a hundred times with very good results in general.

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Dr. Richard Chen

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