Discovering Motivation

Having no motivation affects our health quite a bit. Why do people not have motivation? It could be because of different emotional circumstances, or biochemical issues.

Or it may be because of… low self esteem. 

Let’s read about a client story that shows that.


low self esteem has behavior consequences

Client Story of Low Self Esteem

I had not seen this lady for quite some time.  She had been doing well the last time I saw her because she had been losing weight to the point that her whole body image changed. She had been in a nonjudgmental relationship where she felt cared for.

But then the relationship ended.  Her motivation dropped and she stopped paying attention to how she ate. She had an easier time taking care of others than herself.  What was discovered is that she felt others mattered more than herself. 

Consequences of Low Self Esteem

When she was doing well health wise, she felt good about herself.  When she was in a caring relationship that made her feel good as well. 

But when the relationship ended then her self worth decreased.  She couldn’t take care of herself as much as she should because she didn’t feel she was worth it. 

The consequences of low self esteem were that she didn’t take care of herself when she didn’t feel worthy. I told her how my self esteem was helped by turning to spirituality.

We now knew that low self esteem was her issue.  

The treatment of low self esteem may be spiritual or may be better helped by seeing a psychologist or counsellor.

Sometimes the insight of what issue a person has is the first step to taking care of the health issue. 

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