Last weekend I attended the North American Academy of Neural Therapy conference in Seattle, WA.  It was a good chance to meet colleagues and catch up on the latest that is happening in the world of Neural Therapy.

Neural therapy is treating the nervous system by injections on the skin  and is thought of as treating pain but it does more than that.  Let’s read about a client and her story of neural therapy advantages.

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neural therapy and headaches

Neural Therapy and Headaches

The middle aged lady had issues with headaches for the last 7 years.  She thought it might be related to her sleep habits as it happened in the morning when she woke up. She had been exposed to mold at a home for about a decade and had some treatment for that which helped her.

She had breast cancer on her left side  10 years ago which was treated with surgery.  She also  had an old left back injury  from  a car accident 30 years ago. When she saw me for the first time, she had several problems that bothered her such as the headache,  a weird reaction where her blood pressure would go sky high when eating a specific preservative, an area in her left lung which was collapsed, and a concern about the breast cancer perhaps coming back.

In examining her , we discovered a tender area on the left back which affects the lung.  She had neural therapy injections at that area as well as an area related to her mold exposure.  As she had the injection, her headache intensity went down by 50%!! She and I didn’t expect that the back injection would help her headache! But we took it as a gift from neural therapy. She later told me that the next day her blood pressure went from being sky high  which it had been for the last 2 months to normal blood pressure!!

Benefits of Neural Therapy

The neural therapy helped her headaches as the head is connected to the nervous system.  After the injection on the left back, she was also able to breathe in deeper! It was interesting to me that the spinal  level that her injection was done was close to the level where her breast cancer had been . 

And it was also at the level of the heart which can be involved in high blood pressure which she has. The injection helped that part of the body be less stressed. 

The next day her blood pressure went from Emergency Room High(which it had been for several months) to a high normal Blood Pressure. We lowered the stress on her nervous system with those injections and her blood pressure responded by being less stressed and getting close to normal.  

Clue that Neural Therapy May Help

There was a suggestion that neural therapy might be of help to her because she had body issues that were on one side only. 

She had Left side lung problems, Left side breast cancer, and Left side back pain.  That’s a clue that neural therapy could be of help.   


So if you have health issues that seem to happen only on one side of your body or are not helped by other treatments, think of neural therapy. Going to the conference made me realize how important neural therapy so I have adjusted my neural therapy prices Downwards!    You can email me regarding questions on neural therapy prices or read my newsletter to get more information. You can sign up for the  newsletter here 

If you are an existing client with a question about this blog post or anything medical-related, please contact me thru the practice portal. 

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