Why do joints hurt?  Is it because of arthritis?  Or maybe the muscles are weak. 

Or maybe the ligaments holding the joint aren’t working and aren’t keeping the joint stable. 

Let’s read about this client’s story of improving joint health.



knee pain on active woman

Case of Knee Pain Improving

The active retiree had been recovering from her surgery.  But then she stepped into a gopher hole and tweaked her knee.

The knee didn’t feel right when she was walking. She saw me at the office and it was discovered that the outside of the right knee was unstable. Prolozone treated it to make it stable.  Her knee felt better but it wasn’t as good as it could be.

She saw me several months later as the knee was still unstable.  Now the inside of the right knee was unstable.  Prolozone was used to treat that as well.  Now she could walk well and do her exercise routine without problem.

Prolozone and Knee Pain

Before she wasn’t comfortable doing her exercise  as her knee wasn’t strong enough. Now her knee was stronger and was able to handle having weight put on it.

Before – hiking wasn’t so fun because of the knee instability.  Now the knees could handle the hiking.  

The knee ligaments had been weakened by going down the gopher hole.  Initially the outside ligament of the knee seemed weak but then it was strengthened by the first procedure.

With the outside ligament being less stressed, the inside ligament took more force and its instability was uncovered. When both ligaments were strengthened by an injection of prolozone which made the knee work well. 

Prolozone is using ozone which is a super- oxygen gas to help cells grow.  It helps the cells increase their energy so they can repair themselves.  Prolozone is one of the few therapies I know that helps ligaments grow stronger. 

If you or a friend has a joint that is getting worse, get the ligaments checked out. As strengthening the ligaments will lessen the pain and make the joint more stable and pain free. So you can do the exercise that you like doing.  

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