We have been told that weight loss is about what we eat but is that the full story?  There are countless people that we see in our everyday lives who eat healthy, watch their carbs intake and still have weight issues. 

Maybe there’s more issues than just calories which affect weight?

Let’s read about a client story and how I helped her lose weight.

losing weight by decreasing chemicals

Losing Chemicals -> Losing Weight

The middle aged lady was a foodie – she loved her food.  But she was pretty disciplined with what she ate.  In general, she ate healthy most of the time but perhaps 30-40% of the time she would go for fast food as it was convenient to her work schedule.

At her workplace she noticed that cigarette smoke affected her. And that when she used an infrared sauna, she felt better. She was put on supplements to improve her body’s ability to deal with chemicals. She had a laser detox to decrease her chemicals.

She lost 10 lbs within 10 months and lost 50 pounds within 27 months!

Why Chemicals Cause Obesity

The chemicals in her body affected her;  cigarette smoke bothered her.  When she did infrared sauna she felt better as infrared sauna helped her lower the  chemicals in her body. 

When someone has chemicals in their body, the body surrounds it with fat.  So that it can protect itself.  So the fat is a protective mechanism for the person’s body. 

And so we need to decrease the chemicals in the body in order to lose the fat. That’s why the lady was able to lose 50 pounds within 27 months! Her body was lower in chemicals so there was no need for the fat.

If you are sensitive to chemicals, perhaps the smell of gasoline or perfume is irritating or  pleasing to you.  Either of those issues means that you are sensitive to chemicals.  If that is the case and you have tried all the diets out there without much success, perhaps it’s time to look at weight from a different lens.


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