Overview: Chemical Load and Lyme Disease

A lot of people who have been sick for a while have some level of chemical load in their system. Most of these people also have some sort of infection, because if the immune system is not working due to the chemical load, then an infection can take root in the body.

Unfortunately, this makes sense as our environment is full of chemicals. Based on the US Environmental Protection Agency data of 2021, around 3.3 billion pounds of chemicals were released into the environment through the routes of air, land, and water. 

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Case Study: Discovering the Primary Cause

 A client  who has had a history of mold toxicity, Lyme disease, and mast cell activation for the last several years saw me recently in the office. She had seen me several times previously for help decreasing her chemical load.  Each time I helped decrease her chemical burden she seemed to improve but not as much as she or I wanted. 

When things aren’t going as expected, it is good to step back and regroup. I reviewed all the possibilities of what could be going on in her system, and recalled that she had a history of Lyme and I wondered if that was something that should be dealt with. I checked her system and determined that there was a possibility that Lyme was a bigger issue than her chemical burden.

Understanding the Seesaw of Metals & Lyme

In general with clients with metals and Lyme in their system, I have found that treating the metals helps them quite a bit. Treating the metals gives the body additional bandwidth so that it can take care of the infection itself.

The Lyme and metals are on opposite ends of a seesaw and whichever is weighing the body down the most should be taken care of first. When most people get their metals decreased,  they are able to handle the Lyme better. But in this case, I was able to determine that the Lyme was the priority and needed to be taken care of at this time.

Conclusion: How to Solve Your Puzzle of Chemicals and Lyme

We shall see what happens to her system – whether the mast cell activation gets better, or whether there’s more relief from getting the Lyme treated, than treating the chemical load.  Every person is a living puzzle and we have to figure out how to rearrange the pieces so that the puzzle is gets ever closer to being solved.

How is your puzzle doing?  Is it looking well?  If it is, keep up the good work of what you are doing and figure out what you are doing that is keeping you strong. If you think your puzzle needs a little more help, I am happy to analyze things and make it look better so you can start feeling better!  🙂


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