Everyone is Unique

Everyone is unique and has their own personality and characteristics. People can be introverts or extroverts. They may like reading, or they may like dancing. 

There is another trait that is not well known which I have been seeing more of lately. It is of a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) which has been written about extensively by Dr. Elaine Aron. 

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Who is a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)? 

A recent client of mine is an example of an HSP. He is in his mid 20’s and tells me that when he walks into a store he is overwhelmed by the sounds and the people in the store. The sounds bother him and make him feel disordered. He is a very emotional person. As a child, he was exposed to verbal fighting by his parents which affected him greatly. As a result, he has random pains in his body which can last from half a minute to the whole day.  

People are Highly sensitive people or they are not. They make up 20% of the population. They are the people who are more aware of themselves and their surroundings. They get easily overstimulated by every detail around them. 

For example, this particular client was affected very easily by the sounds in a store so much that he felt disoriented by it. Emotions are a key characteristic of the HSP as well. They react more to emotional incidents, especially positive incidents, and have a lot of empathy for the people around them. They notice the subtle details around them as their brains process the world around them deeply.

This client is an emotional person and the verbal fighting by his parents affected his emotions quite a bit. He got stressed as a result of witnessing these verbal arguments. People who are more stressed have more body issues as the body can turn stress into physical issues. This may be a possible reason why he has pains in different parts of his body for varying periods of time 

Benefits of Being a Highly Sensitive Person

HSP can be viewed positively or negatively.  Dr. Aron recommends that it be viewed positively as that will help the HSP thrive. People who are aware of their emotional surroundings should be valued. They are the ones who process issues deeply before an action so they may be looked upon by others to evaluate the situation.  

I would recommend that you find out if you or people you know are Highly Sensitive Person(s). It would be good to know if you or your friends are HSP as that may explain why you react the way you do. People who do not know of HSP may interpret a deep analysis of an action as fear which may not be the case.


Living as a Highly Sensitive Person

In Dr. Aron’s work, she views HSP as more of a neurological issue but I have been dealing with HSP more as a biological and physiological issue with good results. Knowledge of what defines HSP is helpful as it explains things and can help us analyze why something affected an HSP in a specific way. Treatment with supplements and lifestyle changes is another level which can further improve the HSP’s life.

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