Overview: Gardening and Medicine

I know many of you would like to know where the garden pictured above is?  Unfortunately I do not know where the picture was taken.  BUT….

I do know how gardening is like medicine. Specifically, how biodynamic gardening is like integrative medicine.

The following story  is an example of how treating a person is like tending a garden.

taking care of garden soil important to garden

Case Study: Treating the Person’s Soil

The lady had been sick for TWENTY  years, had Multiple Health issues and hadn’t found anything to get her better in ALL that time.  She has:

  • Mast cell activation
  • Electrohypersensitivity
  • History of Lyme disease 
  • Multiple Food Intolerances 
  • Tired for last several years
  • Gut issues for couple decades
  • Mold Exposure for Most of her Life 

She was treated with Neural therapy and her system RESPONDED, the first time in 20 years!

Similarities/Differences of Gardening/Medicine



The whole garden is a living organism

   The whole body is a living organism

Different plants + animals is Great

   Different bacteria within the gut is Great

Non-GMO seeds are planted 

   Non-GMO foods should be eaten 

Taking care of the Soil helps the garden

   Taking care of the  Body Helps the Health

Conclusion:Treat the Body not the Disease

She was treated by dealing with her WHOLE body  NOT   by treating the individual diseases that she had but by treating what was wrong with her Whole Body.

Her Nervous System was treated first with Neural Therapy as the nervous system is in charge of the body. When the nervous system was treated and was more relaxed, her body could function correctly instead of being stressed out.  

Her body could heal itself with the nervous system not being stressed out.  

Her previous treatments had been treating her different diseases but she was so sensitive to the medications/supplements that she could NOT tolerate the meds or supplements that were given to her.

If a person’s whole body hasn’t been dealt with then a person will continue with their Not-Best Health despite getting a lot of meds or things done to them. You need to have your Health looked at by a “Master Gardener” for People.

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