How to Decrease Long Covid Symptoms

There are as many Long Covid treatments out there as there are practitioners who claim they know how to treat people. Some are so good that they simply just need to be used as is. 


These are evidence-based treatments that are proven to help heal Covid. Below is a case study of one of my patients who was greatly helped through some tried and tested interventions.

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 Long Covid Case Study

Recently I was seeing a lady in her 80’s who had been sick for a month last summer. Then, a month later, she started having extremely high blood pressure which was off the charts. 


Then she started with  nerve problems in her feet, then internal “tremors”. Subsequently she had a flu shot which then set off a feeling of pins and needles going up her feet to her thighs. 


Then she experienced  increased tremors after a meal. This led to her feeling terrified to eat a meal. Over the next eleven months the tremors slowly progressed to her arms, neck and head.  


These strange nervous system symptoms led me to think she might have Long Covid. I put her on a treatment plan which allowed her body to gradually consume the spike protein. At her next visit, a month later, she felt better and with less agitation.  


The tremors were less, they disappeared from her head and they definitely decreased in her legs and hands. 


One Answer to Long Covid: Take Out the Garbage!

After eleven months of my patients suffering through testing and tremors, I used a process that helped to increase autophagy in her body. I helped her to literally “take out the garbage!”  


Autophagy is the process in the body that helps clean up our body’s internal garbage. It’s also involved in fighting viruses such as Covid. 


Autophagy is increased in our body by fasting 10-14 hours. It can be done intermittently, perhaps several days a week.  A definite side benefit is it can increase our longevity. But sometimes people who are sick are unable to tolerate fasting.  


In those cases, I obviously wouldn’t recommend fasting.  


If you’re feeling strange and unlike anything you have felt before, you might be coming down with Covid. Fortunately, you can take a test that’s available through Labcorp that will measure your response to the Covid virus infection. 


This test can be helpful to help diagnose and monitor Long Covid.  Click here for the test 

If this post has helped inform you and you feel like you may have the symptoms of Long Covid, please feel free to reach out to me since, as an integrative medical practitioner, I can look at your mind and body as a whole unit instead of separate parts which are disconnected.


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