Stress Can Be Transformed

Stressed, Tired parents CAN be transformed into energetic people once again.

First – it involves taking care of the reasons why they are stressed and tired, second – changing how they think, and third – fixing the mind and body.

Let me tell you a story about that:

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 Overstressed to Normal

This mid 50’s gentleman who I had been seeing for years grew up in a controlling narcissistic family his whole life and was Emotionally and Physically tired, Depressed, and had Diabetes Mellitus.

Because of all those health issues, different advanced therapies were done to improve his health over the years.

He took care of his spiritual and emotional issues thru Christianity, Emotion Code, and counselling. In addition, we were able to help his physical body thru the use of supplements, biochemistry, lasers,  and genetics.  Because of those methods, his energy went to normal and his sugars improved.   

He was  a man who wanted to get better.  He dealt with the habits that he learned as a child which blocked his emotional growth. Over time, he learned to relearn new ways of thinking so that he could go forward with life.

Because of all that was dealt with, he changed from someone who was Tired and Stressed all the time to Someone who had more Calm Energy.

How Stress Affects You

He was stressed because of how he had been brought up.  He had been taught that he was responsible for everyone around him.

In fact, he learned that the needs of others were more important than his needs. That’s right – he was taught that he had to take care of others and that his needs were not important.

Now naturally, that leads to being a stressed person. He was stressed because of how he thought and how  the people around him treated him.

As a result of being stressed,  his body will use up more energy and vitamins than normal  and need more support. Lasers tuned up his body to make it less stressed.

The right vitamins for him were given based on his genetics to make his body work better than before.

In addition to his thoughts, he had to deal with his spiritual growth. Thru a closer relationship with God he learned his self worth and realized that the beliefs that he had been taught helped those around him and shifted the responsibility of their care to him.

How your Thoughts Affect You

Think of how your thoughts affect your life. What makes you happy? What makes you sad?

Are you alright with what makes you happy and sad? What do trusted friends think about what makes  you happy and sad? 

Analyzing your thoughts and beliefs may help figure out why things are the way they are. 

People have to be right spiritually and emotionally in addition to having their  physical bodies working well.

I would recommend that you go to your place of worship to sort yourself out spiritually.  I can be of  help with  your emotions and definitely can help you with how your body works.

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Dr. Richard Chen

To your health!

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