Is Exercise Always Good?

We all have been told that exercise is a good thing.  That it will help increase our energy,  our weight,  and  our mood. 

But nothing in life is so easy or straight forward. I think of times when it may not be so helpful to my clients when they exercise. 

Exercise is helpful when it increases energy but when it doesn’t…

Then it’s not helpful. 

For the  clients who have tiredness as their main health problem, it definitely isn’t helpful.

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A Tired Person  Should Not Exercise

I have a client who I have been seeing for many years who started with  health issues when she was but a child. She got broken bones as a young child and got lots of antibiotics for sinus infections in her teens.

Family life was tough  as the father was against her from the beginning.  She had a car accident which stressed her body so much that her whole body turned gray from the heavy metals that had been in her body.  Her energy was low.

If she would go shopping, it would take so much from her that she would have to go to a body therapist to help her recover from the shopping trip. 


Running on Empty When Low in Fuel

For that kind of person, exercise is not something I would recommend.  If we think of a person as a car and definitely a person is a lot more than a car – even if it’s a really nice sports car such as a Ferrari.  The fuel gauge in someone with energy issues is on the lower side. 

The fuel has to be used for everything from keeping the car on as well as getting from one place to another place. In the person with low energy, the energy is used to keep the body alive and it does that okay – perhaps just barely. If exercise is thrown into the mix which requires more energy than the body wants to give then the body’s energy goes lower after exercising. 

So if your health is doing well, then by all means you should do your favorite exercise – whether it be walking, swimming, or martial arts. But if you feel worse after your exercise, is it because you didn’t have that much energy in your body to exercise?

Something to think about…   We all have been taught these health nuggets which sound good but digging deeper, those health tidbits should have some black box warnings around them. 


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