Doctor manual?

There is no manual on how to work with your doctor.  Do you have to use “Doctor” when speaking with them? Can you call them by their first name?

I think those questions have to be asked to the doctor you are going to:)

But one question that most people have of doctors – how does a person work with a doctor? Finding a good doctor you want to work with is like admiring a good sunrise 🙂

sunrise over trees and forest

Ways of working with your doctor

There are different ways of working with a doctor.  One is more of a fatherly (I’m saying that because I am a guy) model where the doctor makes the decision for the client based on what seems to be the best choice based on the client’s values and wishes.

The other way is more of a consultant who advises the person what the options and may recommend a certain option. So the choice would be up to the client. Let me give you an example.

When Doctor and Client Disagree

I was working with this lady who has had depression for three decades. She had 50% success with a treatment called transcranial magnetic stimulation(TMS) which she had done quite often over the years.  She had tried supplements but they would work for couple months  then they would not work.

When I saw her I thought neural therapy might be helpful for her as she had her first episode of depression after a surgical procedure. She decided that she wanted to continue with TMS. I didn’t think that was the best choice but she had the final say as it was her mind/body.

She apologized for choosing what she did.  I discussed with her that she did not have to apologize for doing what she thought was right for herself.

She had a right to decide the course of action that she wanted to take.  I as a doctor was okay with letting her make that choice.  It may not be the choice I wanted for her but it was an acceptable choice. 

She was in a good place physically and mentally.  If it worked out with TMS – that would be great.  If it didn’t work out with TMS – I thought that she would be able to  handle it if didn’t work out.


Determine your doctor client model

So something to figure out when you work on your health issues with your doctor.  What kind of model do they work with?

Are they going to be a father/mother to you or is it going to be a team approach to making decisions? 

That’s something that should be sorted out early on in the doctor-client relationship.

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