Prolozone Therapy – What is it?

There are health methods that are not well known but are quite effective. Prolozone is such a technique.

It has been around for at least four decades and there are thousands of medical research articles on it but when was the last time you read or heard something about it?

Prolozone is using Super-oxygen to get injured muscles/tissues/joints to heal. Let’s read about a person who had this amazing treatment.

farm with light

Walking with Comfort

The gentleman had been a firefighter for most of his life. 

He had saved countless lives.  He had climbed tall  ladders, carried bulky fire hoses, and went up/down a lot of stairs.

Now he had retired and was ready to enjoy his farm.  But the work he had done had taken a toll on his body. 

His knees were not what they were when he was a young man. When he walked across the farm acreage, his knees wobbled and didn’t feel steady.  He could not walk across his farm to see how the crops and animals were doing. 

I saw him at the office and determined that he had knee arthritis as well as a weak supporting ligament of the knee.  I treated the arthritis and the weak ligament with prolozone.

Several weeks later when I saw him in follow-up, his knee was…GREAT. He no longer had the wobbly feeling and he was able to walk around his farm safely and comfortably!

I was happy that he was doing better and that he could enjoy his retirement.

Prolozone Uses

This therapy has been used for many different reasons.  It has been used for painful scars,  back pain, tennis elbow, shoulder rotator cuff issues, unstable knees, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, and TMJ pain.

Prolozone is done using a gas. As a result of that, it just has to be in the right area as the gas will spread around.

It doesn’t have to be at the exact right spot as that is not needed for prolozone. Once the gas gets in there and spreads  to the area, it helps increase the amount of oxygen going to the tissues so that the tissues can heal.

Studies have shown that prolozone for arthritic joints makes for a faster recovery in terms of pain  but PRP (another advanced therapy) lasts longer than prolozone for arthritic joints.

For that reason, I would suggest prolozone mostly for soft tissue injuries. I would recommend PRP for arthritis  but if PRP is too costly then prolozone may be an option for arthritis as well.  

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