Human Resilience

The human body is a lot stronger than we think. I am not talking about physical strength. 

I am talking about how the body can handle  multiple insults against it – one, two, perhaps even three.

It is only when the body has several “strikes” on the same area that the body gets weaker.  So if a person’s gut has several issues affecting it, perhaps it may stop moving.

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Case of Constipation

The lady has had issues with constipation for the 30 years and it just kept getting worse.  A decade ago  she was exposed to a moldy home which  made her gut pretty much stop moving.

She is a motivated person who is willing to do whatever she needs to do to  get better.  Because of that  she  went on a meat based diet this last year which has helped her feel better mentally as well as gut wise.

When I saw her in the office we figured out that she had a low level depression and that her nervous system wasn’t doing well especially the Large Intestine Meridian (Chinese Medicine). 

She was treated with neural therapy, started treatment for her depression , and also had supplements to help her nervous system.

Why She Had Constipation

She had several issues which affected her gut which we will explore. She was initially exposed to mold which made her gut stop working. 

She went on a meat based diet which actually helps the pathway to produce serotonin. Serotonin is a cool molecule because besides being involved in depression, it is also the communicator of the gut nervous system. More serotonin means more gut communication.

The Large Intestine meridian in Chinese medicine affects…..guess what, the Large Intestine so that would be a cause of constipation. 

And the nervous system is what makes everything in the body work including the gut.

The human mind and body works well and it does not go down easily. If you have a health issue, realize that multiple factors are causing it. 

Because one factor by itself does not have the power to knock down the person.  But several factors, hitting different aspects of the same system will cause “strikes” against the system.

I have spent my medical career learning how the human mind/body works and I would be honored to help you figure out what “strikes” your system has had.  And what we can do to reverse those strikes.

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