Case of Long Term Neck Pain

I think this would be fun for you readers.  This is a transcript  of the first part of my presentation to the networking group of non-medical people  last week.

This is the story I told them because stories are interesting.


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Imagine…. The last time that you hurt your back or sprained your ankle.  It hurt – it wasn’t the worst pain in the world but it still hurts. Now think of that pain lasting…  1 week, …1 month, …1 year, …5 years,… 10 years,… 20 years, …30 years, …40 years.  What if the pain lasted 43 years?

I saw a lady in the last month who had neck pain for 43 years.  She had a car accident at age 23 where she hit her chin on the steering wheel.  6 months later she started having neck pain.

The neck pain got worse and occasionally had severe headaches going up the side of the head which affected her quality of life.  

Over the years and decades the neck pain continued. Imaging of the neck showed moderate arthritis.  She saw different healthcare providers.  She saw acupuncturists, physical therapists, and other health providers. 

She ended up seeing a pain doctor who offered her deep injections into the neck after 40 years of pain.  She had those invasive injections but it did not help.

She didn’t feel she had any options left. She was going to have pain for the rest of her life.

She read my blogs and wondered if I had any different options for her. When I saw her I thought her nervous system was involved. 

I used neural therapy which originated in Germany.  I used a variety of techniques involving injections and lasers. During the first visit she noticed that she had less pain.

She contacted me several weeks later to say that her neck pain which  was initially 7/10 had gone down to 4/10. 

Think of it – she had neck pain for 43 years. She had seen multiple providers including specialist pain doctors.  After one visit she started with relief of her neck pain

What kind of doctor am I that can do this? I am a family doctor with 30 years experience who over the last 13 years has learned different kinds of medicine because I was curious about it.

I learned about how the latest science can be used in medicine, about genetics, acupuncture, and neural therapy. The knowledge of different techniques and different ways of thinking is what helped me get this client better. 

I hoped you enjoyed this excerpt of my presentation:)


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