Vitamin C for Covid


 Yesterday was a day of Infamy – for several reasons.

One because it was  December 7 but it’s also the fifth day that I had to isolate for the first time I’ve had covid. 

I treated it initially as if I had a cold  when I didn’t know I had covid. I’ve treated people with covid but it’s never the same as when you have to treat yourself for the same condition.

vitamins for Covid

Case of Having Covid

I felt fine the week before but all of a sudden on Saturday I felt bone aching all over.  I didn’t want to go to the gym to exercise as I knew I wouldn’t enjoy it.

I started dosing myself with high doses of vitamin C 3000 mg at a time as that is what my body told it needed.  I took that five or six times that day as well as some zinc. 

My  bone aching went away and changed to just coughing in ONE day.  I didn’t need as much vitamin C on Sunday.  By Monday I felt better and thought that life was good.  I had tested myself for covid and it was reportedly negative so I left it at that.

But later on that night, I had doubts so I repeated the test and all the tests in one kit had the same inconclusive result. So then I tested myself with another totally  different kit and unfortunately found out it was positive.

So now I had to go into full Covid mode and put all my knowledge to work for myself.  I tested myself for the supplements that I knew worked to see which ones worked for me  Over the next couple of days I felt better so that I could see clients virtually. 

We need to get knowledge so we can know what facts are true.  So my studying Covid and its treatments was helpful to me. But just as helpful to me was reading my body so that I could know what it needed. This technique is called matrix reflex testing and it’s one of the fundamental techniques I use to help to determine whether a supplement is the right or wrong one. And what dosage to take.

Virtual Group Class on Reading Your Own Body?

I have realized that I haven’t had the time to teach others how to do this at a visit.  So I am thinking about holding a group virtual class on teaching this if people are interested.

Are you interested in a virtual group  class to learn a technique that tells you:

  • What your body is telling you.
  • Whether your body needs a supplement or not  
  • Whether it’s good and if it’s good enough that you should be taking it. 

As there are a lot of good supplements out there but it doesn’t mean you have to be taking all of them. And if there are supplements that you should not be taking. 

I am thinking of doing a group virtual class lasting 45 minutes, costing about $20. It’ll be 15 minutes explaining things and the rest of the time (30 min) would be spent going over the attendees’ questions and their testing of the supplements. If you have interest in such a virtual class, let me know you are interested , which day(s) would work best for you.  It can be done weekday nights at 6 PM (Monday, Wednesday, or Friday) , or Saturday at 9 AM. 

If you are NOT interested then you don’t have to do anything.  But if you are Interested, please let me know your interest and I can set up this webinar to help you take care of yourself.

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