Laser Acupuncture for Depression

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Does depression  need to be treated with antidepressants?

There are natural options that can help with depression. The natural options involve supplements and can have less side effects than medications.

Let’s read about a case of someone using supplements to help with her depression

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Case Study of Seasonal Depression

The lady had a history of seasonal depression as well as anxiety.  When the winter weather rolled around, there was a pretty good chance that she would get sadder.

She also had anxiety which was there all the time. When she exercised though it would get better.  For that reason,  exercise whether it be walking or going to the gym was part of her daily routine. She needed to exercise to help herself feel better. 

When I saw her I realized there was a biological reason why she was depressed and anxious.  I put her on a supplement to help increase the substances in her brain that made her happy and at a follow-up visit several months later her depression had not acted up even though it was the middle of winter.

How Supplements Helped Depression

Before – wintertime was not a good time of the year. The mood would get darker and there was more negativity in her thinking. Afterwards the supplement helped her by giving her the neurotransmitters that would help make her be more content. Her mood was lighter. Life was better. 

One cause of depression is having low serotonin. When a person has low serotonin, they try to increase the serotonin. Exercising is one way of increasing serotonin. With increased exercise, the mood gets better. 

Exercise is a good way to increase serotonin but sometimes exercise can not be done all the time whether because of time or physical reasons. Supplement(s) to increase serotonin is a natural way to help depression/anxiety. That way lifestyle measures to increase serotonin do not have to be done all the time.

Walsh trained practitioner for mood disorder

If you or a friend has seasonal depression, depression, anxiety, treating the underlying chemistry can help.  A Walsh-trained practitioner is the best person to help you with this.  I have been a  Walsh trained practitioner  for 6 years and can help with mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, or ADD.

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