Laser Acupuncture for Depression

Laser acupuncture is doing acupuncture with a modern tool. Acupuncture has been around for 2500 years and it traditionally is done with acupuncture needles.

Everything changes over time so why not acupuncture? Laser acupuncture takes less time to do and  can be more effective than needle acupuncture.

Let’s read about a case in which it helped someone who was in grief after the death of his wife.


laser acupuncture for mood problems

Case Study of Grief

The elderly gentleman had been married for more than four decades.  His wife had been supportive of him throughout the entirety of the marriage.  She had raised up three children and they were now all adults.

She was the driving force for going on family vacations.  When she passed away , the husband now widow was in deep grief. I saw him 1 day after the death of his wife. 

The lung meridian was very weak as would be expected.  I treated his body  with lasers for the meridians that were not doing well and his grief improved so that he could go on with his life without his wife.

Lung Meridian and Grief

The lung meridian goes up the hand and arm and ends at the chest. The lung meridian like all of the meridians are affected by emotions.

The lung meridian is especially affected by grief.  So when the lung meridian is weak, it could either be weak because the lung is not doing well or it may be related to grief/depression issues.

When a person is not doing well it means that their acupuncture meridians are not doing well. Laser acupuncture should be considered when a person is not doing well. 

Who should do Laser acupuncture?

A person who responds well to homeopathy or is very aware of other’s emotions  should consider laser acupuncture.  That is because being aware of emotions which is not seen is energy related. And homeopathy works on an energetic basis. So those people who respond to energy would do well with lasers which is energy based. 

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