Recovering from Surgery Faster

There is a saying in medicine that the surgery was a success but unfortunately the patient is not doing better.

That is sad to hear and even sadder to experience. Let me tell you about a client I recently saw and what I did to quicken the recovery time from surgery.


recover from surgery faster

Story of Sickness after Surgery

The lady had last seen me a year ago.  She had back surgery in the summer of 2023 which helped relieve her unrelenting back pain. When she was doing not much and just recovering it was not too bad. 

However, as the winter season came she noticed that she was sick all season long.  She was a virus magnet, she got cold after cold.  She thought the winter would never end.  

Then the winter ended and she realized that she got irritated more often.  She became on edge more often. Events that didn’t stress her out before the surgery now stressed her out. 

She came to see me  because she had an international trip coming up and she wanted to be better for the amazing experience.  

Why She was Sick After Surgery

When I saw her, I realized what had happened.  The surgery was a success based on what it did for the back.  But the surgery is still a surgery.  And surgery involves cutting a person open, fixing things and closing the person up. 

That affects the nervous system as nerves are connected to the areas that are opened up.  The nervous system had been injured and needs to heal from the surgery.

The surgery healed the back but created a new issue. There was now a part of the nervous system that was stressed out all the time.  Her stress level had risen and that affected her body’s immune system. 

She got sick more often as stress decreases the immune system.  Since her stress level was higher she could not tolerate more stress.  So she became irritable more often. 


Surgery Recovery Made Faster

I treated her with neural therapy at the surgical scar.  We shall see how she does with the therapy.  She felt better realizing that there was a reason for why her body had changed after the surgery. 

So next time you or a friend has surgery and the recovery seems longer than expected , think of the nervous system.  And think of neural therapy which can help the nervous system.  As a happy nervous system makes for a happy person 🙂


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