Life is full of obstacles.  And how do we deal with that?

I was reminded of that problem when I was in Death Valley National Park at a place called interestingly “Devil’s Golf Course.” 


overcoming obstacles

Resilience in the Face of Obstacles

The Devil’s Golf Course is a name that you do not forget.  It is called that  because the place is a salt pan and the surface is filled with jagged salt points. 

So playing golf on that surface would not work very well – it is made for frustration thus the name.

But when I was walking down the path toward the mountain, I thought of another reason why it was the devil’s golf course.  There was a CONSTANT cross wind which was directed at me while I was walking.  During the whole hour that I was there, the Wind never let up. 

It was always On and pushing me away from My path.  I was heading toward the Mountain but the Wind kept pushing me away.  I tried to find out why there was a continuous crosswind but I didn’t figure that out. Do you know why? (let me know in the comments)

Strategies to Goal Accomplishment 

So I did what we should do when there are obstacles. There are strategies to goal accomplishment::

  • Keep the eye on the goal 
  • Adjust when there are obstacles 
  • Don’t give up  

I kept on walking toward the mountain which got more imposing as I walked closer to it.  When the wind blew me off my path, I had to reorient myself toward the mountain and head toward the view. 

And I kept on going…  At least until I realized that the mountain was a lot further away than I thought.  


So I didn’t reach the mountain but I got close enough to take some good pictures 🙂 

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