It is good to know what causes health issues.  Most times we are told that the disease is the issue and that’s all there is to it. 

But in most cases there are deeper issues beneath the tip of the iceberg that are causing problems.  Take for example PMS.  It is a hormonal problem or is it more than that? Let’s read about a client story. 

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Client Story of Bad PMS

The young lady had been doing well at her new job for the last several years.  It was somewhat challenging than her last job  but she liked that. Eight months ago she started having cramps during the second half of her cycle. As the months went by, she started having lower back muscle aches as well as pain.

She had some issues with her father having health issues the last couple of months which worried her a bit. It got so much  worse the last couple months where she couldn’t even go to work a couple times. 

The back muscles ached so much and just the effort of sitting was too much for her.  She had seen her doctors and they did some tests. They were not sure what they could do for her at this time. So she was left to wait out her illness. 

This sounds like a bad case of PMS.  But let’s explore it further what’s going on in the body.  Sorry this gets a little scientific but bear with me. It would be worth it if I can explain it right. 

Cholesterol in the body gets made into the body’s hormones.  Early on in the process, it can get made into cortisol which is the stress hormone. Later on the process it gets made into the female hormones such as estrogen and progesterone.

If something’s stressing the body (it could be anything) then the body has to deal with it by making cortisol.  If it’s making cortisol then it’s not making progesterone ( the female hormone for the second half of the cycle).

So the cause of PMS is because the progesterone is lower.  But the more important question is why is the progesterone lower?

What is the cause of her stress?   Is it her emotional stress of dealing with her Dad’s illness?  Or maybe the stress of working at a challenging job? Or perhaps it’s something else?  


Cause of PMS

PMS can occur because of low progesterone levels. The progesterone levels may be low either because there’s a stressor to the body or it also may occur if the estrogen levels are too high in the body.

Usually the estrogen is high because of environmental reasons. lAnd the progesterone is low because there is a stressor going on.

Trying to find out why the progesterone is low is what is needed to help the person’s health. That is trying to find the reason behind the symptom. And finding the reason will help a person get healthier quicker! 

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