Why does a man get low testosterone(T)? Is it just random?  Or perhaps bad luck?

Maybe it’s part of aging.  Or perhaps it’s due to aging and  stress on the body. 


low Testosterone in young male

Causes of Low Testosterone

A common cause of low testosterone is trouble sleeping.  Not sleeping causes stress to the body.  When the body gets stressed, it makes a stress hormone – cortisol.  And if it’s making cortisol, it can’t make testosterone. Other issues that cause stress can also cause low testosterone.

There are many ways to cause stress to a man. It doesn’t have to be just work related:)  It may be emotional. 

Or it could be anything that affects his body.  As everything that happens to a body causes stress.  So an allergic reaction to spring pollen is stress. As is an injured body part which causes pain. If the gut isn’t working well then there may be wrong bacteria in the gut which causes stress.

If there’s an infection going on in the body, the body gets stressed to deal with the infection. Diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus also cause low T. Interestingly, being on opioid medications also lowers testosterone. 


Treatment of Low Testosterone

Trying to deal with the causes of testosterone is important but that is only one part of the treatment.  Testosterone hormone can be used as well to bring the hormone levels back to normal.  It can be used to help deal with the symptoms of fatigue, decreased concentration, mood swings, decreased libido, and decreased muscle mass. But by dealing with the causes of low testosterone, the amount of hormone that will be used will be less.  And it’s better to use the right amount of medication while dealing with the stressors. 


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