If the health is not improved after a treatment then the treatment choices have to be expanded. Because doing the same thing twice is not really going to help.

What does that mean in reality? Let’s read about a client story.

choosing treatment choices may be a winding road

Back Pain for No Reason

The lady didn’t know why she had back pain. She just woke up one morning and had back pain.  She hadn’t done anything strenuous the day before and didn’t remember hurting the back.

She saw me and I did some neural therapy on the area that was painful.  It helped initially but the next day the back pain was still there. I knew treating the same area wasn’t going to be that helpful.

She reminded me she had fallen onto her Right shoulder several years ago and that she had a pretty bad left ankle sprain more than 10 years ago  that took forever to heal (around several months or so). 

Those areas were tested and found to be issues.  She had treatment of the Right shoulder, Left ankle, and had repeat neural therapy injection of the back.  She felt better after those treatments and her back pain improved Two Days after her back started hurting.

Why Change Treatment Choice?

If doing a treatment doesn’t give the right result, would repeating the treatment help? If I can’t get rid of a weed with one tool, should I use the same tool? 

I think not.  It’s the same thing here.  I treated the back but it only got better for a short time.  I realized her nervous system was the issue. 

So I had to think of all the areas that had been hurt before and see if any of them was causing an issue.  I treated the areas that were causing issues and got better results  and within TWO days! 🙂

So if you have health issues and things have not worked out right, you have to think more broadly.  And perhaps it may be a windy road but the windy road may be the right road to take. 

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