Human illnesses are like an onion.  An onion has multiple layers and so does a person who has been sick for a long time. 

There may be multiple layers of different health conditions – one on top of another. 

Removing a top layer of illness shows up another layer of illness.

Let’s read about a client story



human disease is like onion layers

Client with Multiple Health Issues

The lady was full of life but unfortunately had been bogged down with illness for a long time.  She was exposed to mold in a cruise cabin in her 20’s and it took root in her sinuses.  It wasn’t dealt with for decades as medical science hadn’t caught up with treatment of mold. 

When I saw her when she was in her 40’s , I put her on binders to deal with mold toxins but it took six months to remove the mold as her system couldn’t handle too much without her whole body shutting down. 

Pesticide exposure gave her headaches so it was determined that chemicals bothered her system. A laser detox was done which decreased the chemical load in her system.

With less chemicals in her system, her body moved onto other things.  That is why  Babesia showed up in her system so she was treated with herbals. She slowly improved with herbal treatment over time.


Disease Layers Explanation

She wanted to live life fully but that had not happened for several decades. She wasn’t able to go outside in nature for a walk.  Or do other normal activities.

She was treated with mold at the right speed  because it would not good for her to get sick from too aggressive medical treatment. 

Before she would get headaches from smelling perfumes; afterwards she was more tolerant to perfumes. 

She wasn’t able to go shopping because the activity would make her body go into shock and she would have to be worked on by bodyworkers for hours to revive her system. Afterwards, she was able to go shopping for her groceries without crashing.

If you or a friend has an illness that seems complicated, please realize that all illnesses seem complicated when looking from the outside. 

But when you look at an illness thru a well trained eye, we see that there are multiple layers and that the layers can be removed one or two at a time. And without tears! 🙂

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