People say that having a good posture is good.  It helps one look better to have a good posture. 

But what else does it do for us?  Let’s read about a client of mine and his story.


rabbit with neck pain from reading

Neck Problem Causing Brain Fog

He had always been a reader, he enjoyed reading books.  But reading books meant that he was always bent over reading a book. 

He saw me when he was close to his 60’s.  We found that there was an area right below the neck which was not working well. The area below the hairline was treated with several neural therapy injections at that visit.  

Immediately during the visit he felt that his head was clearer and that he could think better.

How We Use Body Affects Our Body

How we use our body affects our body.  The above gentleman had a lifetime of reading in a bent over posture.  It is good that he has been reading his whole life but there was a price to pay –  and that was his posture. 

Picture a bowling ball – now picture your head as a bowling ball.  If the bowling ball is no longer on the top of the head then the bowling ball will roll down and affect the posture.  There will be a strain on the neck.

 When there is an area of the body that is strained, it creates a blockage in the nervous system.  Treating the blockages lets the nervous system work.

That’s why he was able to think more clearly after the injections. So it is important to watch how you hold your body.  That matters whether you are sitting or standing. 

Please be aware of your posture.  As your posture affects your nervous system. And if the nervous system isn’t working well then the body won’t be as well as it should be.

Better posture means better wellness. 

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