The nervous system seems to be a hot topic these days.  TMS or transcranial magnetic stimulation is used to treat depression as well as other  health issues such as obsessive compulsive disorder or smoking tobacco.  TMS  uses magnetic fields to treat the brain. 

If TMS works by treating the brain, I wonder how neural therapy (which treats the nervous system)  would work for treating mood disorders.  Let’s read about a story of a client whose anxiety was helped by neural therapy

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Physical cause of anxiety

The lady had a tough childhood.  She had been  physically and emotionally abused as a child.  She had never felt loved by her parents.  In reality, she felt that she had been abused her whole entire life.  Now she was dealing with a lot.

She just had surgery and had to stay in the hospital for a week or so.  Her son was having issues with his family.  That seemed to make her anxiety worse.  Her anxiety was magnified by how her son’s life reminded her of issues that she had gone thru before. 

Her anxiety seemed to have increased quite significantly after surgery.  For that reason I thought neural therapy would be a good treatment for her. She was treated with neural therapy for the areas on the abdomen where she had surgery. And she was also treated on the temple area as that was not working well.

As the visit ended, she noticed that her anxiety was about 20% better!

How Treating the Body Helped her Anxiety

Her anxiety before was helped with medications which helped but not as much as it could have. The neural therapy helped her anxiety. And it helped right away!! Why did it help? 

Let’s think of what it means to have surgery.  You have the surgical scars on the abdomen and  surgery is usually something that brings up a lot of emotions before and after surgery. Intravenous lines are put into the arms to give medications thru the vein. And sometimes there are devices put into the body to give more medications. 

Think of all those scars that are formed.  And those scars are emotionally tinged which usually affect the nervous system more.


Anxiety can be caused by a lot of different reasons from genetics to chemical changes in the body and it can also be caused by the nervous system. If you or a friend has anxiety and don’t know why you have it.  Perhaps you should have an integrative doctor look at the person.

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Dr. Richard Chen

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