How can you do yoga if your knee hurts? Or more generally, how can you exercise if your body doesn’t cooperate? 

We don’t pay attention to our body until it tells us something wrong.  And when it talks to us, we should listen to our body!

Let’s read about a client who listened to her body and felt better for doing that.


decreasing knee pain from exercise

Case of Yoga Knee Pain

The summer had been going well.  Her knee arthritis was acting up once in a while but she  was getting a chance to do her exercise routine couple times weekly.  She was hiking 2 miles daily which gave her a chance to enjoy the great Sonoma county outdoors.

But one time when she was doing yoga and descending on one leg, she felt something happen in that knee.  Now her knee and leg was bothering her especially when walking.  And she was going to Las Vegas for the weekend where they have those humongously long city blocks.

When I saw her, I saw that the outside of her right knee was unstable and that her outside of her right leg muscles had been strained.  I treated the outside of her knee with activated oxygen  and treated the right leg strain. 

She was able to enjoy her trip to Las Vegas! And with less knee pain!

Fast Pain Relief

Her knee and leg got hurt when she was exercising because her knee was looser than it should be. Because the knee was not that stable the knee would move in ways that it should not.

When activated oxygen was put on the outside of the knee, it stabilized the knee.  The muscle strains of the right leg were improved by treating the nervous system. With the knee being more stable, less damage happened to the knee.  

So pay attention to your body as it will tell you when it’s hurting (most times anyway).  And if you have a joint that hurts, check out if the joint is  unstable.  Because an unstable joint will make the arthritis get worse. 

Prolozone with activated oxygen is a great treatment for unstable joints.

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Dr. Richard Chen

To your health!

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